Personal Running Resume

10K: Sporting Life (6X), Baycrest

12.5K: Pick Your Poison

25K: Creemore

Half Marathons: Toronto Waterfront (4x), CIM (3x), Born To Run Half

30K’s Road: Around The Bay (23x)

30K’s Trail: Escarpment Trail Run (15x)

Road Marathons: 20 - Boston (4x), New York (4x), CIM (2x), Toronto Waterfront (2x), ScotiaBank, Chicago, Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Big Sur, Niagara Falls, Vermont, Adirondack

Trail Marathons: 5 - Jungfrau Marathon (3x), Michigan, Flagstaff

6 Hrs: Kingston (6x), Dirty Girls (7x), Horror Hill (2x)

12 Hrs: 11/11/11 Run - 100KM, Tally in the Valley 12 HR (4x) best 84K in 11:38:49

24 Hrs: Ottawa 166KM (first 100M in 21:10)

Ultras: 125 assorted 50K’s, 50M’s, 100K’s including the Comrades Ultra Marathon (2006)

Multi-Day Stage Races: Himalayan 100M - 5 day, Corsica Coast Race 250K - 6 day, Voyageur Quest 105M - 4 day, Desert R.A.T.S. 148M - 6 day (2x), Trans Rockies 120M - 6 day (2x), TranSelkirks 100M - 5 day

Grand Canyon R2R2R: 16 hours, 36 minutes


Western States 100M: for the Swiss Miss - 27:57:36

Hailburton 50M: Guide Runner for Rhonda-Marie Avery for her first 25 Miles (6:53)

Badwater UltraMarathon: for the Swiss Miss (4X) 2011 - 3rd female 10th overall 29:51

Jerseyville Fat Ass 100M: for Swiss Miss 2011 - Canadian Women's 50+ record 17:33

Summer Beast of Burden 100M: for Swiss Miss 2011 - 1st female, 2nd overall 18:03