Cooper's Last Race/ Next Race 2019

Mar 31st - Around The Bay 30K - 2:50:31 ... #20 in the books!!!
April 27th - Pick Your Poison 50K - 7:04:19 ... well a bit faster than last year but what a day! Snow, wind and mud ... lot's and lot's. But got. it. done. again!!!
May 11th - Seaton Soaker 50K -7:14:57... Named Soaker for a reason!! Never an easy one with lot's of mud and more hills to climb. But the beer was well worth it!!
May  25th - Sulphur Springs 50M -11:57:08 ... Slowest 50M at Sulphur but with the Mud, Rain, Heat, More Rain, More Mud, More Heat and then a fierce torrential downpour ... we got it done ... again!!!
July 27th - Tally in the Valley 12 Hour - 84K in 11:38:49 good for 5th place overall! Not bad on a hot, humid day!!!
August 17th - Swiss Alps 100 - 50K ... toughest race ever! But somehow managed to finish!!
September 7th - Haliburton 50M - 11:52:55. Pored buckets but we got it done... again!!
October 5th - Run For The Toad 25K -
October 12th - Oil Creek 100K -

Mar 25th - Around The Bay 30K - 2 :44:58 ... got it done ... again ... on a beautiful day! ATB #19 for me!!
Apr 28th - Pick Your Poison 50K - 7:12:47 ... got it done ... again ... on the hardest course ... EVER! Lot's and lot's of snow, ice and MUD!!!
May 12th - Seaton Soaker 50K - 6:23:13 ... another one done! Not my best but much better than PYP!
May 26th - Sulphur Springs 50M - 10:38:37 ... wow ... HOT & HUMID but another one done!!
July 21st - Cayuga 50M - 14:06:50 ... WOW ... toughest 50M ... ever! Over 11,000 feet of climb and more stairs than you'd ever wanted to see in your life. But got it done!!!
August 18th - ITT 34K - 4:31:52 ... Another tough one ... but got it done!
September 8th - Haliburton Forest 50M - 12:35:26 ... Finished another one but ... Worst! Race!! Ever!!! Pretty much walked for the last 2 hours with sore knees after "stumbling" at least 50 times!!! Only one fall though:)
September 29th - Run For The Toad 50K - 5:50:36 ... another one in the books! Beat the 6 hour goal AND finished 2nd in my age group!!!
October 13th - Phoenix Trail Race 50K - 6:04:30 ... a beautiful but tough course! Got. It. Done ... again!!! 9 races ... should be enough right???

Mar 26th - Around The Bay 30K - 2:42:50 ... not too bad for an "old" guy!
April 29th - Pick Your Poison 50K - 6:41:24 ... not real happy with this one! A new slowest ... Will try for some redemption at Seaton! Bring. It. On.
May 13th - Seaton Soaker 50K - 6:14:39 ... well a bit slower than last year but faster than 2015! Something positive. Get ready for Sulphur!!
May 27th - Sulphur Springs 100K - 14:34:53 ... Humid, Muddy and Hilly made it "fun" but got it done!!
July 15th - North Face 50M - 13:05:32 Not the greatest! Hot, Humid and MUDDY!! Took a very nasty fall and then decided to finish in one piece!
August 19th - ITT 34K - 4:24:21 ... Definitely a tough technical one but got it done! Getting ready for TranSelkirks ...
August 28 to September 1st - TranSelkirks 5 Day, 100 Mile - 25:58:50. Toughest race ... yet! Over 33,000 ft of climb is definitely NOT easy!
Sept 9th - Haliburton 50K -7:17:59 ... Another tough one done!!

April 3rd - Around The Bay 30K - 3:09:51 ... and I thought last year was tough!! Got it done though!! No stopping so not bad considering it was a 5:00 a.m morning decision to run at all. Move on!!
April 30th - Pick Your Poison 50K - 6:39:05 ... always a tough day but the snow was replaced by the heat! Didn't make it any easier!!
May 14th - Seaton Soaker 50K - 6:05:36 ...Definitely a "Soaker"! But 15 minutes faster than last year!!
May 28th - Sulphur Springs 50M - 10:26:46 ... Hot, Hotter, Hottest race day ever!!! But still got it done ... in a respectable time too!!
June 18th - Niagara 100K - 13:32:15 A super HOT one ... but got it done!! 
July 16th - North Face 50M - 11:28:30. Well, faster than last year BUT after 3 falls, the last one nasty, I took it "easy" just to finish!
July 23rd - Dirty Girls 6HR - 40K. Not my best however happy to get through it on a super hot day! Another "first in the "old" man category.
August 9th to August 14th - Trans Rockies Solo 6 Day, 120 miles - 32:51:41. Slower than last year but the same awesome event! Elevation/ Altitude definitely had a different affect on me this year! But GOT. IT. DONE. AGAIN!!!
Sept. 10th - Haliburton 50K - 7:02:42. Been some time since I ran "only" 50K at Haliburton but had some fun and got it done!!
Oct 1st - Run For The Toad 50K - 5:49:36 Another one in the books!!! So "only" 10 races this year! 

March 29th - Around The Bay 30K - 2:44:59 Having to walk the last 2.5K cramping and having about 700 people pass you ... sucks!!!
April 25th - Pick Your Poison 50K - 6:17:07 Much better than last year but still work to be done!
May 9th - Seaton Trail 50K - 6:19:56 Pretty respectable in the heat and humidity. Where was that rain when we needed it??
May 23 - Sulphur Springs 50M - 10:02:11 Tough one but got it done!
July 4th - Laura Secord 100K - 13:46:32. Slower than planned but still managed first in the "old man" category (60-69)!
July 18th - North Face 50M - 13:09:45. Another tough day at the office ... but another first in the "old man" category!!
July 25th Dirty Girls 6 HR - 44K. Got it done again ... with another first in the "old man" category!! Starting to like being old ... Now comes the "A" race!!
August 11th to August 16th - Trans Rockies Solo 6 Day, 120 miles - 29:05:04. What an awesome event! Crazy or what?? Highly recommended but remember to train, train and train some more!! The beer was great too!!!
Sept 12th Haliburton 50M - 10:37:26 - Great day on a tough course!! Glad to run with and see the Big Guy set a new P.B. ... by 26 minutes. We rocked!!
Oct 3rd - Run for the Toad 50K - 5:30:44 - Had fun running with EricC for 3 loops and then BrendaE for the last. 10th race of 2015. Enough already!
October 31st Horror Hill 6HR - 54.09 KM. Run and done! #11 LAST one ... promise!!

March 30th - Around The Bay 30K - 2:39:42 Not my fastest BUT not my slowest!!
April 26th - Pick Your Poison 50K - 6:40:03 Not my fastest BUT definitely my slowest!!
May 10th - Seaton Soaker 50K - 6:09 Much better! Getting there ...
May 24th - Sulphur Springs 50M - 9:10:23 Desert RATS ... here we come!!
June 15-21st - Desert R.A.T.S. 6 day, 148 mile Stage Race - 35:44. Run and Done!!!
 Wow ... what an event! Great people and the views were simply awesome!
July 12th - North Face 50M - 11:30:50 Getting lost sucks!! No beer at the finish sucks worse!
July 27th - Escarpment Trail Run 30K - 5:26 Survived #15! Yahoo!!
October 4th - Run For The Toad 50K - 5:10:35 Much improved from last year! Not getting older, getting faster!!
October 25th - Horror Hill 6HR - 55.5K Not bad for an old guy! Another fun season of racing and already looking forward to next year!! See you out there!

Jan. 14th - SURGERY ... again!
Mar 24th - Around the Bay 30K - DNS
April 27th - Pick Your Poison - 12.5K - 1:34:58 WOW!
June 6th - Creemore 25K - 3:17 - HOT & SLOW ... but the beer was worth it!!!
July 28th - Escarpment Trail Run 30K - 5:56 - Never slower but never felt happier just to finish in one piece!
Sept. 7th - Haliburton 50M - guide runner/ pacer duties split with Jim Morrison for Rhonda-Marie Avery who finished in 15:08 ... simply awesome!!
Oct. 5th - Run For The Toad 50K - 5:51:37 - First 50K in over a year ...done!!
Oct. 19th - Vulture Bait 50K -DNS - Just too much "life" going on!

Mar. 25th - Around The Bay 30K - 2:24:50
April 28th - Pick Your Poison 50K - 5:52:37
May 12th - Seaton Trail 54K - 6:14:30
May 26th - Sulphur Springs 50M - 8:31:48 (PB)
June 23rd - Niagara 100K - 10:55:15
July 6th    - Swiss Iron Trail 141K - Cancelled due to bad weather
July 29th - Escarpment Trail Run 30K - 5:17:58
August 18th - ITT 50K - 5:49:26
Sept 4th - SURGERY  
Sept. 8th - Haliburton 50M - DNS
Sept. 29th - Run For The Toad 50K - DNS
Oct. 13th - Vulture Bait 50K - DNS