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January 18
Slumps are like a soft bed. Easy to get into and hard to get out of! -
Johnny Bench

Everyone gets into a slump now and then. Every workout seems tough - you just can't run as far or as fast. Luckily, slumps don't last. They seem to go on forever but best advice is to continue with the same workout because eventually the slump will break. It's a challenge to stick with it but it's the most effective solution. I will stick with the program even when I feel this way! 

January 17
The pressure to perform makes us more intent and hence perform better!
- Nancy Lopez                    Pressure can crush us or it can lift us up and inspire us. Pressure can come from the outside but it can also come from within. On the upside, pressure can help us rise to the occasion. It can get us to work harder than we ever thought possible. Better focus and concentration that will help us to play or perform at a higher level. If we don't feel the need to improve, we will stay stuck in a rut. I will make the pressure work for me!

January 16
If you want it bad enough, no matter how bad it is, you can make it! - Gale Sayers
If we really want it we can make it so. Desire can get us through the hardest workouts, propel us over the last tough hill. It can carry us to heights we never thought possible - as we long as we have faith in ourselves and apply our minds and bodies. Many people - wheelchair athletes, paraplegics overcome great odds. You do it because you have the desire to test your limits. I will go after what I want and I know that I will get it!

January 15
Exercise takes time and everyone has their limits!
- Paula Newby-Fraser
Cross-training gives you the best return on your investment ... minimum injury and maximum fun. Combining two or more exercise programs is the safest and most effective way to attain all round fitness. Injuries happen and cross-training is a great way to stay in shape while recovering. Run, bike, swim, walk, yoga, aerobics. So many choices. Take your pick and enjoy.
Today, for a change, I will do something I have not done lately! 

January 14
Concentration is the ability to think about absolutely nothing when it's absolutely necessary!
- Ray Knight
Something magical happens when we workout at our optimum ability. Nothing else exists. We are "in the zone". Doesn't happen all the time but when it does we feel in complete control and sense what's happening before it does. Concentration helps us to focus and turn off our minds and when we do this we perform our best.
When I work out, I will think about nothing!

January 13
It's not necessarily the amount of time you spend training that counts, but what you put into the training! - Eric Lindros
We can train for hours but if our hearts aren't into it, we don't get much out of it. We need to focus and concentrate.Training is the test where we can improve what we do well and work on our weaknesses.Training for an ultimate goal - losing weight, getting in top shape to run faster or longer or just becoming healthy. When I train, I will put all I can into it!

 January 12
When it comes right down to it, it's not whether you won or lost - but how you played the game!
- Grantland Rice
No matter how important our goals, we must never lose sight of the main attraction: fun and fitness. If you have fun, you will be more successful in the long run. It's about having a good time, challenging ourselves, keeping our bodies - and minds - in shape. The social aspect, the peace, the solitude are all part of the experience.
Have fun playing - work hard and have a good time!

January 11
I always felt I hadn't achieved what I wanted to. Always felt I could get better. Still do. Never be satisfied!
- Virginia Wade
Complacency gets us nowhere. Raise our goals a little each time out as there's always room for improvement. Continue to work and improve. Get better and become more fit. Nothing impossible - and ultimately discouraging - goals but attainable ones that don't discourage us.
We should never settle for less than we can achieve! 

January 10
Lack of faith makes people afraid of meeting challenges!
- Muhammad Ali
We all hear the voices in our heads - sometimes they are quiet, sometimes loud. They say "you'll never make it up this hill" or "I'll never get better." If we don't believe in our abilities we will be our own worst enemies. We will back away from challenges instead of meeting them head on. Or give up before we've begun. Accomplishments fuel our faith and build our belief of overcoming obstacles.
I will meet all my challenges by believing in myself!

January 9
Running is a matter of spirit not strength!
- Janet Guthrie
You try to do your best each and every time out. You have an intense desire to keep going. What makes us achieve is not size and strength but sheer desire and spirit. We have the urge to be as good as we can be. That 10 miler was our farthest run to date but we finished it and look forward to the next challenge. These are the times that call for the most energy and desire.
You want to be the best you can be and that should be evident in each and every workout! 

January 8
Is your heart in your exercise?
- Steve Scott
Determination alone is not enough to reach your performance goals. You need to exercise at the right intensity levels. Your heart rate is the most efficient indicator of exercise intensity. Exercising too easy ... an initial benefit and then no further improvement. Too hard ... Over-training, risk of injury, exercise burnout. Just right ... Efficient use of training time and realization of your goal.
Put your heart into your training!  

January 7
Sweat plus sacrifice equals success!
- Charlie O. Finley
Success does not come easily for most people. It involves hard work, perseverance, desire and sometimes luck. Whatever our goals, we have to get out there and challenge ourselves and sweat a little ... something that pushes us a little farther and makes us work a little harder. For every extra mile, we can count on improving.
To improve my fitness level, I have to challenge myself in each and every workout! 

January 6
Do what's best for your body or you'll be the one who comes up short!
- Julius Erving
Finding out what works best for you is the key to staying fit, active and above all healthy. Only you can truly judge whether you're up for a long run or a hot bath. Pushing another mile when calves are cramped is not being tough or aggressive. It's being dumb and careless. An extra mile today could be two lost tomorrow if you become overtired or injured. My body signals when it's had enough or can do more.
I will be aware of my body and respond appropriately! 

January 5
Enjoy the success that you have and don't be too hard on yourself when you don't do well. Don't beat yourself up. Just relax and enjoy it!
- Patty Sheehan
Fun is sometimes forgotten on a run. Seems like drudgery ... painful, boring and at times, even stressful. Don't punish yourself. Every run is something to be proud of. If you remember to be as supportive of yourself as you are of others, you'll find that extremely motivating. Stay positive.
The more I support myself, the more successful I'll be! 

January 4
The day you stop making excuses is the day you start to improve!
- Sebastian Coe
Too tired, too hungry, too much work to do, too late, too early, too cold, too hot, no time, don't feel well, don't want to go alone, gym's too crowded, clothes are in the wash. I'll go tomorrow, I swear. Excuse, excuses, excuses. We've all used them and they've kept us from running, from working out, from every athletic activity. Just get it done and think of how happy you'll be - no excuses. No ifs, ands or buts, I'm working out today!  

 January 3
You have to set new goals everyday! - Julie Krone
Every morning when we lace up your running shoes, we should have a goal in mind. The goal can be short or long term. It can be modest or challenging. No matter what we set out to do each day, we should do it with some objective in mind. A daily goal serves to motivate us and gets us to give our best. If we want to accomplish something in particular, chances are we'll perform better. Before I do anything, I will set a new goal for the day!

January 2
Whatever you do, don't do it halfway! - Bob Beamon
We should always aim to give everything we try our best shot. Workouts that we really put ourselves out for are a lot more satisfying and, ultimately, a lot more productive. The harder we work every step of the way, the quicker and more efficiently we'll reach our goals. We all have days where we just don't "have it" but these are the times to reach inside ourselves and try to find that extra umph that will motivate us to give it a shot. No matter what I do, I will give my best! 

January 1
You gotta believe! - Tug McGraw
Today, anything is possible. We believe we will start new fitness and diet routines to kick off the New Year. We believe we will improve our current exercise programs: push a little harder, running a little farther, going a little longer. It feels so good to have the self-confidence and desire to want to enhance our health and fitness, our strength and stamina. Nothing makes us feel more accomplished than an extra mile, another set of repeats or a personal best. Today I will believe! 


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