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September 18
Support your dreams with action and perseverance! - Larry Bird
Dreaming is an excellent way of setting goals for ourselves. When we tap into our heart's desire, we have created a powerful goal to strive for. However, having a dream isn't enough, because dreaming alone won't make it happen. Our dreams need to be fed with conscientious practice and hard work. When we set our sights on a goal, we are making a commitment to do whatever it takes to make that dream come true. That commitment has to be followed up with daily attention. No, we can't spend every waking hour working out or thinking about our goal. However, it does means that when we are working on that goal all our energy should be focused in that direction. My dreams are important and I will give them the attention they deserve! 

September 17
It takes a lot of strength to come back from being in a losing situation! - Stefan Edberg
It can feel like the easiest thing to do is to give up, believing that we can't overcome. It is easier to quit, but quitting makes it much harder for us to ever be able to win. Yet, if we suck it up and get back on track, we will be able to recover. It is easy to have strength of character when we are being successful. It is much harder to keep ourselves psyched and believing in ourselves when we are down. When we don't make the effort to come back, we are conceding a loss before we even begin. In this situation, we haven't been beaten, we have beaten ourselves. It takes guts to dig in our heels and go down giving it our best shot. The good ones may get knocked down, but they don't stay down for long!

September 16
Funny how we don't always see own own abilities clearly! - Ken Griffey Jr.
Or how we resist labeling ourselves just in case we don't live up to the advanced billing. We have to remember not to sell ourselves short and to acknowledge our accomplishments because we have spent long hours and hard work earning them. It is worthwhile to periodically examine how we refer to our level of performance. When we take a close look, we may be surprised to find that we are stronger and more accomplished than we thought. Before we can feel comfortable saying we have certain skills, we have to put in the time and effort. Once we've done the work, we know we have the ingredients to reach our goals. Today I will rethink my opinion of my abilities!

September 15                                                                                                                    "Now" is the only thing that counts in sports! - Bill Shoemaker
Whether you're working out or competing, the only thing that matters is what is happening at the moment. If you're in a race or a fitness class, that's where your mind should be, and there only. Each race is an individual event and the focus should be on the current race only - not the one that was or the the next one coming up. The runner who is facing a killer hill that in the past has meant stopping to walk can't think about the last time - every approach should be a new challenge. Every competition or workout is a brand new chance to improve and learn. It's important to approach each challenge with a clear and focused mind.
Today's workout or competition is the most important - I will concentrate on it only! 

September 14
Use mental imagery to get the best out of yourself ... in training and in competition!
- Terry Orlick, author of In Pursuit of Excellence
We can all benefit from using mental imagery in our training and competing, regardless of our skill level. By mentally running through our workouts beforehand, we are in effect, practicing in advance. In doing so, we are preparing our bodies and minds for what may lie ahead and perhaps even figuring out how best to handle certain challenges. Even though we are not physically lifting a finger while mentally practicing, we are in fact, giving our minds a terrific pre-workout that almost always translates to success.
I will visualize success in today's workout!  

September 13
Any time you try to win it all, you must be willing to lose it all!
- Larry Csonka
It's no fun to play if we are always playing it safe. There are definitely times when we need to be a little conservative, to not take a flyer or big risk, but we can't be that way all the time. If we are not willing to risk, we will not be getting any big rewards in return. If we always hold something in reserve, we will never know what we are capable of. What are we waiting for? Every day is an opportunity to test our limits and find out how much we can gain. It's easy to be content with the same old routine but we will never stretch and grow if we don't test those limits. By taking chances we will not only make our workouts more interesting, we will get our bodies working harder or differently and give our fitness program a lift.
Today I will be willing to go for more! 

September 12
I know it will be tough. I'm just going out there and give it my best!
- Lee Janzen
The times when we're faced with the toughest challenges are the times we really have to hunker down and go for it, calling on all mettle and muscle. We have to focus our energies, clear our minds and psych ourselves up to meet the challenges head on. When things aren't exactly the way we want them to be, we need to dig down deep for the motivation to give us the jump-start we need. Many times these tough situations bring out the best performances and ultimately, the most satisfaction. We just have to heighten our confidence and put out the best effort that we can at the time.
When the going gets tough, I get going!  

September 11
You have to set goals that are almost out of reach!
- Steve Garvey
If you set a goal that is attainable without much work or thought, you are stuck with something below your true talent and potential. Setting goals can be tricky business. Too high and we will never reach them. Too low and we will get there but we really haven't challenged ourselves. So how do we figure out what our next goal should be? Sometimes it involves a lot of trial and error and a little common sense. Challenge ourselves as we reach a goal by moving them up as we hit them. We need to reassess our goals often and keep striving for whatever is just out of reach.
My goals will be ones that I can work toward and that will really make me work! 

September 10
I always felt my greatest asset was not my physical but my mental ability! - Bruce Jenner
Every athlete has physical and mental abilities, yet rarely does an athlete receive accolades for good mental fitness. It may be acknowledged but it doesn't appear to be as valuable as good old-fashioned strength, speed and muscle. However the closer we look, the more we uncover about the value of good psychological fitness both in training and competition. It may be the simple act of visualization that is challenging or it may be repeating an affirmation that gives us confidence to perform or even meditating before we step out there. No matter what the technique, our skills will be greatly enhanced by working out both our muscles and our minds! Today I will work out my mind in ways that will enhance my body's performance! 

September 9
Sometimes I ask myself "Why am I doing this?" It comes down to passion!
- Lyn St. James
We've all reached low levels of energy and motivation, when we question what we are doing. Sports should be fun. They should challenge us, yet be a positive overall experience. Sports and fitness should teach discipline and perseverance, yet should also be a healthy outlet for extra energy and activities we look forward to. Everyone does through periods of discouragement, boredom and frustration. That's the time to take a close look at what motivates us. Hopefully, it's the love of the sport or the exhilaration from the exercise. It's the greatest feeling to be working out at our peak and thoroughly enjoying ourselves in the process!  

September 8
The taste of defeat has a richness of experience all it's own! - Bill Bradley
 Remember "The thrill of victory ... and the agony of defeat"? We have all experienced defeat in one way or another and it often smarts, if not physically at least psychologically. Defeat is not limited to only competitions. Defeat is also not completing a training session, a workout or a run. All these occurrences may make for discouragement however once we get over the initial disappointment we should use what we've just experience as a learning tool for the next time. The sooner we process the loss and then get over it, the sooner we can move forward toward improvement. A poor performance happens every once in a while. I will learn what I can from this experience and quickly move on!

September 7 
I have confidence and I never give up!
- Arantxa Sanchez Vicario 
Tenacity backed with faith in ourselves is an almost unbeatable combination and is the ideal ingredient in the formula for success. Our belief in what we can accomplish will take us to a certain level of performance and it will help us to continue to improve and grow. Add in a "never say die" attitude and we will consistently be well armed to perform our best. There are countless times when giving up seems to be the only sensible option. We've all thrown in the towel but unfortunately we have probably sold ourselves short. We have cheated ourselves because we have given up on ourselves. Failure can become a self-fulfilling prophecy if we let it.
The more we fight, the stronger the fight in us will be. Never say die! 

September 6 
It's not over till it's over! - Yogi Berra
This philosophy doesn't just apply to team competition, it works for individuals as well. We can bring a premature end to our workouts by giving in to what seems to be inevitable. We may feel we can't pump our legs anymore and give up after a few miles of our bike ride or run. But if we pause for a moment and keep pushing, we will find that we have it in us to keep going. We have to always keep in mind that the apparent outcome doesn't necessarily have to be so. There is always time to pull it out at the end and transform what looked like a decide failure into a success. I will follow through to the very end no matter what the outcome appears to be!

September 5
Practice without improvement is meaningless!
- Chuck Knox
Ideally, every time we work out, we should see improvement in our skills. While this constant progress from day to day may seem unlikely, and even unrealistic, it should still be a goal for us. There's no reason we can't go into our workout every day with the intention of having the best day yet. In fact, this positive approach will do wonders toward that end. However, even if we don't seem to show great strides on a day-to-day basis that we hoped for, we can be sure that there have been at least a few baby steps of progress. If we approach every workout with the intention of performing our best, the hours of sweat will not be in vain.
I will approach every workout intending to improve on what I did the day before!  

September 4
Keeping focused on the job at hand will help us to succeed!
- Don Mattingly
When we are working out our minds should be on working out. No more, no less. Once we have on our workout gear we shouldn't be thinking about our jobs or our relationships or errands we need to take care of. We need to pay attention only to the things that are important to our exercise and what we are working on now. Plenty of time to worry about the other stuff. With this type of intensity and focus we can also keep ourselves from being bored or distracted, which isn't always easy. When our minds wander we are not putting in maximum effort and without maximum effort we won't keep moving forward and achieving our goals.
I will focus on my workouts and block out everything else! 

September 3
I can always try to do my best - anywhere, anytime, against anybody!
- Ray Floyd
There are a lot of things that can get in the way of our working out. We all have busy schedules but just because we are away from our usual routine, it doesn't mean that we can't make some time for fitness. We should make it a habit to include our workout gear when we pack our bags for some time away from home. We never know when we may suddenly find ourselves with some extra time for exercise. It may not be our usual workout but it can help us feel as though we aren't completely neglecting our fitness program. It can be hard to work out when we are away from home but it's not impossible.
No matter where I am, I will try and get in a workout! 

September 2
Everyone has the motivation of wanting to win but winning isn't everything! - Pat Riley
To be the best requires a motivation above and beyond winning. Winning is a lot of fun and a great motivator but it isn't the only thing that drives us. We can achieve our personal bests in our individual workouts if we maintain the right perspective. A winner has the right attitude. Part of that attitude is the desire to improve and meet and overcome challenges. If we approach our workouts with a winning attitude, we will be a winner in our own personal arena. If we play only to win, we will be missing something - the joy and fun of being able to exercise and get our bodies moving the way we want them to move. I won't only play to win, I will play for the sake of playing!

September 1
If you think you can do it, you can! - Eric Lindros 
Every sport has a mental aspect. The mind has to be working with the body for success. Getting the mind involved can also help build confidence and hone skills. When an athlete concentrates on what they are capable of and thinks about what they aspire to do, they can add an extra boost to their physical edge. Mental preparation involves thinking what needs to get done. Visualization can help anticipate what will happen and what our reaction will be. Mental psych involves positive self-talk and bolsters our confidence in our abilities. I will make the effort to make my mind work as well as my body and believe in what I can do!  
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