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June 17
Attitude is everything! - Sam Snead
If we feel positive, have reasonable expectations for ourselves and stay focused, the potential for greatness is there. On the other hand, if we lack confidence and set unrealistic goals, we are bound to be disappointed. Sometimes our best performances occur when we simply approach the event just happy to be there, expecting little but concentrating all the same. We have nothing to lose. We are not overly confident, not intimidated by unobtainable goals and not feeling undue pressure to achieve the impossible. Today I'll keep my expectations in check and my attitude up!

June 16
We have to know, for ourselves, what we do best!
- Brian McRae
We can't let anyone else tell us what or how to do something. Sure, a coach or trainer can show us the mechanics of certain techniques or give us principles behind the moves, but once we know the basics we have to make the rest on our own. We need to be able to trust ourselves. We know better than anyone else what we are capable of doing. We know better than anyone else what we truly want to do. If we think we can do something, or want to try something new, we must not hold back. We shouldn't let anyone tell us we can't.
If we trust ourselves, we can't go wrong!  

June 15
Channel your energy, focus and just run your race!
- Carl Lewis
When it comes time for competition, we often go from the steady, reliable athlete we've been to someone obsessed with performance. We lose track of the hard work that's gone into training. The one who has been training hard is the one who should show up at the starting line. All your energy should be focused on performing to your potential. Let your energy take you forward, leaving harmful distractions behind.
I will show up and perform just as I have practiced - only today I will push it and reap the rewards! 

June 14 
If you're not making mistakes, than you're not doing anything to improve! - John Wooden
When we were kids learning a sport, we knew that not doing it perfectly the first time was part of the package and was an important part of the learning process. By doing things over and over again we were able to learn more from our mistakes. Now, as adults, we have learned that when we make mistakes it means we are taking risks. Without taking a risk, pushing a little harder, we won't improve. I will accept making mistakes as I know that I will learn from them!

June 13
Having a lot of heart wouldn't have helped me if I wasn't physically fit!
- Jimmy Connors
We can be completely on top mentally and emotionally but it won't do us any good if we are not physically up to par. Wanting something badly enough won't make it happen. We have to back up that desire with some action. Our bodies have to be able to back up what our minds and spirits want to do. It is important to have heart and desire but they can't take the place of being physically prepared. However, heart can be the thing that gets us working in the first place and keeps us working when we may be inclined to give up.
Have a lot of heart, but remember to back it up with being in shape! 

June 12
Constant hard work has made it easy to compete. That's my secret!
- Nadia Comaneci
There's nothing more satisfying than finally achieving a goal that has been difficult for us in the past. All the training, practice and visualization has paid off. Sometimes it's worth the extra effort it takes to learn and become better at what we do. It gives us added confidence both in working out and competing. It reminds us what we are capable of achieving.
Today I will concentrate on having a tougher workout, in hopes of getting closer to my goals! 

June 11
I don't mind going against the odds. It's all about performance!
- Barry Bonds
It's a lot of fun to play against the odds. When we come out on top it feels sweeter somehow. It seems odd to say "don't be afraid to win" but sometimes that fear is what stands in the way of an excellent performance. We have to leave fear behind us if we are going to do well. We need to be fearless about what we want to achieve. Surprisingly, when we forget about the pressure, we not only do better, we will have fun too.
We shouldn't be afraid to take our performance to the top!

June 10
I train myself mentally with visualization on a day-to-day basis! - Camille Duvall
Professional athletes from all sports use visualization as a training tool in preparing for competition or even just a regular workout. By seeing ourselves in our "mind's eye", we are in effect practicing without even stepping out there. Visualization can be used if we're not performing our best. Mental imagery can help us by rehearsing our sport in our heads. We can correct things in our mind's eye by repeatedly visualizing these strategies until our minds have virtually trained our bodies. Before I work out today, I will visualize myself successfully performing my activity!

June 9
The ones who want to achieve and win motivate themselves!
- Mike Ditka
We look for motivation in all sorts of places. But the only one who can really get us working is ourselves. No amount of coaching or persuasion will get us going or achieving if we don't make a commitment by ourselves and for ourselves. The motivation that comes from within is actually more powerful than the motivation from outsides sources. When we are our own prime inspiration we can always rely on that source of motivation. The best exercise doesn't come from doing for anyone else but ourselves.
I am the strongest and most reliable source for my own motivation! 

June 8
Sometimes things just don't go our way!
- Ralph Houk
We run into problems at the office. We are frustrated in our relationships. Our athletics skills just aren't up to par. Nagging injuries that just don't want to go away. While we may have less control over some situations, we can take charge of our fitness program. Many times we hit a plateau that we can't seem to get off. We can't do anything right. We feel uncoordinated, slow, heavy and unmotivated. Our timing is off and talent is out to lunch. Time to take a break and make some changes. Try a new route. Cross-train. Take a day off. Lengthen the workout . Shorten the workout.
If I've hit the wall in my training, it may be time for a new approach! 

June 7
I really lack the words to compliment myself today!
- Alberto Tomba
Outstanding. Peerless. Perfection. Excellent. Fantastic. Marvelous. Magnificent. Superb. Exquisite. Astounding. Exceptional. Unequaled. Matchless. Unsurpassed. Unrivaled. Incredible. Unique. Stellar. Notable. Amazing. Fabulous. Impressive. Grand. Beautiful. Dazzling. Gorgeous. Spectacular. Remarkable. Wonderful. Extraordinary. Phenomenal. Indescribable. Wondrous. Sensational. Thrilling. Astonishing. Breathtaking. Striking. Splendid. Unbelievable. Go ahead, be a one-person cheering squad.
Today I will find the words to compliment myself!

June 6
The most important factor for motivation is goal setting!
- Francie Larrieu Smith
You should always have a goal. A goal can be something to strive for in the future or it can be for tomorrow. It can be very ambitious or a more modest reachable target. Details aside, every athlete of every level should have some sort of fitness goal to motivate, mobilize and otherwise get them moving. Motivation to work out is hard enough to come by at times, so a target is one effective way of keeping the desire alive and the challenge fresh.
I will have a goal for today's workout as well as a long term one that I am aiming for!  

June 5
Sport and exercise should always be fun!
- Charles Mann
When all is said and done, the mileage has been totaled, our calories counted, improvement noted, what we really want to say is that we had fun out there. Ultimately we will always try to do the best we can when we work out, trying to build strength and stamina, lose weight and shape our bodies. Someone taking things far too seriously can make us feel quite uncomfortable even inadequate and ineffective.
Sports is something we do just for us - to improve our physical and emotional selves as well as enjoy the social benefits it may bring!  

June 4
The mind messes us up more than the body. So watch it!
- Tommy Bolt
No matter what sport we participate in, how experienced we are, how much we train, how confident we are, how well we've been doing, there will always be times when our mind suddenly seems to take over, to the dismay of our bodies. Whether it's choking under pressure, being psyched out by a situation, or not being able to focus, it does happen to everybody at one time or another.
When my head takes over and my body falls apart, I just need to be patient and try again tomorrow!  

June 3
The opponents and I are really one. My strength and skills are only half of the equation. The other half is theirs!
- Sadaharu Oh
Every time we compete, we are coming head to head with athletes just like us - athletes who are at our level, giving their best to try and come out on top. We can rest assured that our opponents are feeling the same anxieties and having the same aspirations we are. Our having a good day, combined with our opponents being slightly off makes for one result. Maybe another day it would be different.
No amount of anticipation will ever fully prepare me for what will actually happen!

June 2
You have to expect things of yourself before you can do them!
- Michael Jordan
Expectations, like goals, are important in sport. They give us something to strive for, something to push toward. Expectations, unlike goals, can be more demanding since we "expect" to reach, if not exceed them. By expecting something of ourselves, we are setting a minimum at which we believe we can perform. It's important to keep expectations in check - not too high and therefore unreachable.
I will perform at a certain level which is on a par with my skills and training!

June 1
I don't ever look back, I look forward! - Steffi Graf
What happened yesterday doesn't really matter. It's ancient history. We can't go back and change it or relive it. We can remember it and savor it, but that is about what we have done, not what we can do. We can learn from it, but we have to move on. We can't move ahead if we are constantly looking over our shoulders. Looking forward is as much about attitude and that is what keeps us firmly focused on our goals. I will keep moving forward and I won't look back!   

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