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May 9
Consistent achievement happens only if you love what you're doing!
- Bart Connor
Anything we truly enjoy, we're going to be better at. Whether it's the career we've chosen, our hobbies, or the sports we chose to play. When talent combines with a love of what we're doing it makes for an athlete whose commitment is evident in each and every performance. Love of the sport gives us that extra edge that we need to excel. Skills and practice alone won't do it.
The more I enjoy myself in my workouts, the better I'll be!

May 8
When anyone tells me I can't do anything ... I stop listening!
- Florence Griffith Joyner
Negative talk. It's probably the most destructive thing that can happen to us and our exercise. We have to be aware of it coming from others. "Are you sure you can run a marathon?" We have to know it will happen but we can look them in the eye and say "Yes, I can do it". In fact, when someone tells us that we can't do something it can inspire us to go right out and do it.
I am not listening to the negatives - I will create my own positives! 
May 7
Not every sport is right for everyone and not everyone is right for every sport!
- Dave Winfield
There is something out there for all of us, no matter what our skills, body type, interests, or time factors and it's up to us to find it. While it's great to be proficient at several sports, not everyone is so blessed. Because regular participation in one activity is commendable, we should all strive to have at least one sport or fitness activity that we consider ourselves good at and do on a regular basis.
It teaches us perseverance, motivation and discipline: gives us self-confidence and poise!  
May 6
You have peace of mind and can relax and enjoy yourself when you know you gave 100% effort!
- Gordie Howe
It's hard to give 100% all the time. There are days when we just don't have it. We may be overtired or our minds are elsewhere. However, when we decide to go for it, we will never be able to fault ourselves. Going all out is the best way to get what we want. We have to have the will to succeed and the courage to fail and the only way we can find that will and courage is to put ourselves on the line - completely.
If I have truly given 100%, I can't be unhappy with the outcome!
May 5
Mental toughness is essential for any physical activity!
- Bobby Knight
The mind is a powerful ally in competition and overall fitness. Our minds can help us to be prepared for any challenge. We can be in excellent physical condition but if our heads aren't in gear our chances for success are greatly diminished. Mental acuity can't completely overcome physical shortcomings but a mind and body working together can surely help to compensate.
The athlete who comes out on top is the one who is best mentally prepared! 
May 4
It's very dangerous to have your self-worth riding on your results! - Jim Courier
There's more to life than sports. No matter what level, athletics are only a portion of what makes us who we are. We have other responsibilities, interests, commitments and pleasures: from our careers to our children, our stamp collection to our volunteer work, we are complete, well-rounded individuals with a lot to do. It's important to keep a healthy balance between these and all other aspects of our lives. Athletic participation is important to me, but it's only a part of the complete, well-rounded person I am!

May 3
Concentrate, be yourself and don't be afraid to succeed!
- Amy Alcott
It seems unlikely that anyone might be "afraid" to succeed, but in fact, many athletes have trouble with this for a variety of reasons. Fear of failure leads to a lack of motivation and low expectations. Whatever the reasons, we sometimes find ourselves under performing, particularly in competition. When we compete, we should look forward to the challenge and always try to do our best. If we focus on ourselves instead of worrying about others, the more we will be able to perform consistently and successfully.
I will give my all and not worry about the expectations of others!  

May 2
Everyone should experience defeat at least once. You learn a lot from it!
- Lou Holtz
While sometimes it seems the the only lessons learned from defeat are painful ones, if we look deep enough there is really a lot more to it than that. We learn to recognize and understand our errors and work to avoid them in the future. Sometimes our confidence is hurt and our pride wounded. We feel disappointed in our performance. However, identifying these feelings and moving on is the best recovery strategy
. I will learn from the experience and not make myself suffer over it!

May 1
A full mind is a sub-par performance during any type of sport or workout! - Branch Rickey
We've all had moments when we feel utterly helpless, spastic, and ineffective because we're so distracted by other matters. The more cluttered our minds are, the less focus, attention, and energy we can give our workout or competition. It's not always easy to check our problems but it's worth a try. Chances are our performance will improve and the problems may seem a bit more manageable. Not only will we perform better, it will be a more enjoyable experience all around!

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