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October 30
Practice, practice, practice ... there are no shortcuts! - Seve Ballesteros
To give yourself the best possible chance of living up to your potential, you must prepare for every eventuality. You must lay the proper foundation. It can be monotonous, boring and repetitive however you can never get enough of it. Is there no way to avoid it? How many times have we heard ourselves bemoaning the need to practice? If one wants to reach their true potential in any sport, one can never get enough practice. There will always be unforeseen conditions that can throw us for a loop. We can never practice enough if we really want to reach our peaks. It's long, hard work, but doubtless it's well worth it. Practice, although draining at times, is invaluable in my quest for reaching my peak! 

October 29
We all have to take a turn in the fast lane and take some risks!
- Julie Krone
If we just stay on the same old trail, we won't ever discover what fun we can have doing something other than our usual routine. In order for our workouts to pay off we have to spend some time working on our fitness program and our sport. Boredom can be very detrimental to an exercise program. To keep things interesting it is important to try something new or to go out on a limb. The risk can be relative - a new workout, a step up in competition, a new distance to cover. If you are constantly testing your limits, you will soon discover that they are always changing, and you will always need to adjust to keep up with yourself.
I will try the unbeaten path and take a risk!  
October 28
The more I train, the more I realize I have more in me! -
Leroy Burrell
We won't know what we are capable of accomplishing unless we are willing to test our limits. Many of us hit a certain level and then believe we have gone as far as we can go and are content to accept our place. But complacency will not get us to achieve at our maximum potential. You will never know unless you try. Dare to set your sights a little higher. Be brave enough to make yourself work a little harder. Take on the challenge of improving yourself and you may just be surprised that you are more capable than you thought. By pushing yourself a little harder you may discover some untapped talent or ability.
The more I put into my workouts, the more I will get out of them!   
October 27
When we go for our dreams everything else should stay in the background!
- Pablo Morales
Sometimes it's better not to speculate about what obstacles may stand in our way or what the competition may be thinking or doing. If we worry too much about the other guy, we can easily psych ourselves out. If we keep focused on the end result, everything we do should be geared toward that goal. If it's important enough to be a goal, it's important enough to work for. Sometimes not knowing what to expect can work to our advantage. If we don't know exactly what to expect, we can prepare ourselves as best we can for any eventuality. If we are prepared for anything, we will never be surprised. 
I will keep my focus on my dream and be prepared to do anything to make it come true! 
October 26
Losing is no disgrace if you've given your best!
- Jim Palmer
If you can walk away from your workout, game or competition and feel confident that the performance you just exhibited was the absolute best you could have done, you should be very proud of yourself. If you are sure that you just gave 110 percent to your workout, you should feel good about your exercise program. So much of fitness and participation in sports is about motivation and perseverance. We all deserve much more credit than we give ourselves just for getting out there and doing it in the first place. Just getting ourselves to work out on a regular basis, putting forth our best effort all the time, is a major achievement.
I can be proud of myself every time I give my best! 
October 25
Always give 100 percent, because if you don't someone will and beat you! - Ed Macauley
Even if we rarely compete, in order to continue improving and becoming more and more fit we need to keep challenging ourselves. And that means putting out a maximum effort while training as well as in the heat of competition. We need to keep up our motivation level and give our best effort so that we can perform to our maximum potential. It's important to stay sharp, strong and focused when we challenge others in competition or ourselves with a stopwatch or a goal. No matter how competitive I am, it's always important to keep my game sharp, my skills honed and my energy high!
October 24
Visualization lets you concentrate on all the positive aspects of your sport!
- Curtis Strange
Visualization is an effective and valuable training tool for athletes of all skill levels. It bolsters your confidence and helps you focus on executing, not on thoughts that could distract you. We can obviously benefit from any extra workouts we can get and visualization is a great way to practice without ever lacing up our shoes. We can use this mind/ body technique to "see" ourselves performing our sport. By using our "mind's eye", we're actually practicing without moving. Visualization is the rehearsal - competition is opening night.
 Before I work out today, I will visualize myself performing to the best of my ability - and then try to do the same! 
October 23
Doubt has a way of creeping in without our noticing it! - Sandy Koufax
Suddenly, when we are doing something that we've done hundreds of times before, we find ourselves thinking "What if I can't do it this time?" or "What if I don't do it right?" Never mind that we really do know that we can. That flicker of doubt can throw us off enough to add a negative performance to our day. Confidence can help us to power through some of those doubts. Confidence can even wipe doubts out of the picture entirely. It can also help us to give 100 percent all of the time. We can be successful if we put all our mental and physical effort behind whatever we do. If we hold back, even a little, we are cheating ourselves. Sometimes it's not so important what we do, it's how we do it and the attitude we have while doing it. I know that I can do it right! 

October 22
I've learned that you don't have to finish first to win!
- Kim Zmeskal
The biggest winners aren't always the ones with the ribbons and medals. The biggest winners are the ones who make a commitment to improve and follow up on that commitment with action - consistent, positive action. The real winners are the ones with heart who give their all and work their best. They are the ones who take on every challenge with determination and spirit. Winners know that there is always something new to learn, no matter how long they been exercising or competing and they are always willing to share what they know with others. Winners know their strengths and limitations and when to take a break and when to push ahead. Winners are measured by the effort they make, not the trophies they win. Winners never give up, no matter how hard it is to keep going.
 I am a winner! 
October 21
You learn you can do your best even when it's hard, even when you're tired and maybe hurting a bit! - Joe Namath
It feels good to show some courage. It takes courage to keep working out when we are tired and sweating and our muscles are aching and we can think of nothing we'd rather do than stop. It takes courage to take on new challenges and to keep improving. It takes courage to keep going when we don't feel as if we are making any progress. It takes courage to win and it takes courage to lose and then go out and do it again. Every day that we work out is an opportunity to recognize and build our courage. It will feel great to meet the challenges of working out. We possess the secret to success: courage. Even when it's hard (especially when it's hard), I will show my courage and keep on going!
October 20
If you're not a little bit nervous before you compete, you probably don't have the expectations of yourself that you should have! - Hale Irwin
Everyone gets the jitters. We feel nervous before giving a big presentation at work, going on a date or meeting someone new, starting a new job, taking a test or delivering bad news. The same holds true for pre-athletic nervousness. We approach each competition or workout with a goal in mind. We give ourselves a target that is a challenge and causes us a bit of anxiety. Yet it's important to keep our expectations of ourselves high. It keeps us motivated and sufficiently on our toes. When we don't feel nervous that could mean that we're not pushing ourselves toward improvement as hard as we could be. Today I will set a goal for myself that will be a challenge to reach! 

October 19
You can't just rely on talent to win!
- Scott Young
We can be the most talented and skilled players or athletes in the world, but if we don't work at it, neither we nor anyone else will ever know how good we are. Talent that isn't shaped and forged by practice and training is talent that is wasted. If we just rely on our natural abilities, we won't get very far. We have to go beyond our talents and draw on the other things we are made of - spirit, heart and brains. If we are talented, we owe it to ourselves to go as far as we can. The only way to do that is to challenge ourselves. We are the only ones who can know how hard we are striving and how much of what we are doing comes from talent and how much comes from the pure adrenaline of really going for it. 
I will strive to play beyond my talent! 
October 18
I've never had to cheat. I get 'em with what I got! - Dave Winfield
Having confidence in our abilities allows us to trust that we can get the job done. Cheating is only for people who aren't good enough to win by their own merits and abilities. Any victory that is gained by cheating is only an illusion. And we can cheat ourselves too. Every time we don't put in enough time and effort into our workouts we are cheating ourselves. Every time we avoid working out we are cheating ourselves. Cheating or even just cutting corners deprives us of an opportunity to learn just what we are capable of. We need to know that our abilities can make us successful in any situation we encounter. Cheating can't really get us ahead of anyone else or even ourselves. Sooner or later it will catch up to us. I know that I've got what it takes and I don't need to take any shortcuts!

October 17
Nobody does it for scientific reasons. You really climb for the hell of it! - Sir Edmund Hillary
We can never know exactly why people exercise or compete or pit themselves against the elements or enormous challenges. We may think they are doing it to gain knowledge or achieve glory, but looks can be deceiving. Next time we are working out we should take a look around us. People of all ages, shapes and sizes who are working with everything from lazy inattention to incredible intensity. If we asked them why, we would get a wide range of answers - from losing weight to keeping their hearts healthy, to getting ready for a competition or on their doctors recommendation. No matter what inspired them to work out in the first place, the ones who will get the most out of their exercise are the ones who can't imagine not working out and who have a hell of a good time doing it. Sometimes the best reason for working out is "Just because ..." 

October 16
Losing isn't easy, but it can teach us some valuable lessons!
- Muhammad Ali
Being defeated can teach us that we are capable of losing gracefully. It can also teach us that we want to do everything in our power not to be in the losing position again. When we have tasted defeat, we will know just what we need to do to avoid losing. There will always be someone who wins and someone who loses but there is nothing wrong with trying our best and working our hardest to be the winner. We have to dig deep for that little extra as sometimes it takes that extra challenge to bring out our best performance.
 It's not really about whether we win or lose, it's about giving our best effort and being the best we can be! 
October 15
It's not that all of us have to dedicate our life to our sport: rather we can dedicate our sport to our life - approaching our training as a way of life which enhances virtually all the endeavors we undertake!
- Dan Millman, author of The Warrior Athlete
Athletics should be but a part of our full and well- balanced lives. Even pros have to do their best to maintain other interests and fulfill other responsibilities. None of us should become obsessed with competing or working out, no matter what our skill or commitment level. We can use sports as way to enhance our lives - applying the benefits of fitness and competition toward some of life's other challenges. Working out is important to me, but I must remember to stay balanced, not letting any one thing dominate my life! 
October 14
If you set a goal for yourself and achieve it, you have won your race! - Dave Scott
Your goal can be to come in first, to improve your performance or just finish the race - it's up to you. It's important to set goals for ourselves in all aspects of our lives. Goals are extremely valuable as they help us chart our growth and accomplishments on a regular basis. Goals are personal so we should be in complete control of setting them. We should be able to set goals that are appropriate and obtainable but are not too far out of reach. We should approach every workout and competition with a goal in mind. It will serve to motivate us and it will also help us keep track of our progress. I will set a goal for today's workout that is appropriately challenging and reasonably attainable!

October 13
Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity!
- Darrell Royal
Ever have one of those days when everything seems to go right? Athletic ability is at a high, and you feel coordinated, strong, quick and effective. Whether you are competing or just doing your regular workout, it just seems effortless and enjoyable. It feels like your lucky day. Chances are, we all experience this athletic euphoria every once in a while. All of our hours of practice and preparation finally seem to pay off. We have worked on our skills and strategies and we are finally given a chance to let them show. It's a wonderfully satisfying feeling to put in a good performance and get good results.
Achievements will follow if I continue to practice hard and take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves! 
October 12
To succeed you have to be focused and serious. You have to have attitude! - Kent Steffes
To succeed at anything takes time, practice, and perseverance. Sports is no different. Hours of practice and no shortcuts. Some athletes are born with incredible gifts of coordination, strength, speed, stamina but they too work hard to maintain and improve in the never-ending quest to reach a peak. Priorities, desires and dreams are different for everyone and are what make us individuals. No aspiration is more important or valid than any other, as long as it is pursued with an all-out effort. We have to approach our goals with a tough-as-nails attitude if we really want to succeed. My fitness goals are important to me and I will put in an all-out effort to reach them!
October 11
Visualization is a great aid to achievement!
- Reggie Jackson
It allows us to test our abilities before they are challenged for real. It also allows us to plan our approach, decide what we'll do in different situations and reinforce the image and idea of performing at our best. Visualizing can apply to all aspects of our workouts. We can imagine how good we will feel to have the hard work behind us. Seeing something in our mind's eye will give us something to strive for. Our minds and our imaginations are very powerful allies in every workout, in every race, in every competition. Sometimes we have to see something in our minds before we can actually do it.
Today I will see it and I will do it! 
October 10
Concentration, Confidence, Competitive Urge, Capacity for Enjoyment! - Arnold Palmer
These words of wisdom (the 4 C's) are transferable to all sports and to athletes of all levels. Concentration: It's the ability to focus on the task at hand without being distracted by irrelevant stimuli. The better we can do this , the better we can do our workouts. Confidence: The more comfortable we are with our skills and our ability to call on them as needed, the more confident we are. The more confidence we have, the more likely we are to be successful. Competitive Urge: This is a valuable trait that helps us grow and improve in skills and strategy. It's the desire to better ourselves at whatever we do. Capacity for Enjoyment: Perhaps most important of all, this should be every athlete's goal as they work out or compete. When an activity is fun, we're bound to do better and the better we do, the more we enjoy it. Today I'll look for all "4 C's" when I work out!
October 9
The body loves variety ... it likes change! - Priscilla Welch
Most of us have always switched around our workout activities every once and a while. This sports rotation - cross-training - is very effective and everybody's doing it. No more do we need to feel the pressure of doing the same workout seven days a week. Now we're encouraged to pursue different interests for more well- rounded, total body fitness, to help prevent injuries, to alleviate boredom and to have more fun. The idea is combine sports or activities that work different parts of the body. It's time to add a little variety to the mix. It will put the energy and motivation back into your workout program. Variety is the spice of life so today I'll work out in a different way!

October 8
I have no regrets because I know I did my best!
- Midori Ito
Giving it your best shot is all that really counts. It doesn't matter if you are competing in a big race or just working out. If you give your all you will never be disappointed. You may wish the end result were different but if you ask yourself "Did I try my hardest?" and the answer is "Yes", then you have done all you can do. If you can say that you gave 100 percent effort, then no matter what the outcome, you can be proud of yourself. There is nothing worse than walking away from a workout or competition and wondering "what if?" You sell yourself short when you don't follow through and push yourself to your limit. I
f I don't give up or give in, I'll have no regrets because I have given my all!   
October 7
You play the way you practice!
- Pop Warner
There's a reason that your coach or instructor harped at you to practice, practice, practice. And there's an explanation why they got on you for "dogging it". The effort that we put forth in our workouts translates into our performance in a competitive situation. Regardless of our skill level, we can benefit from always trying to give 100 percent in practice. Whatever the competition, the workouts leading up to that day are best spent concentrating on honing skills and developing stamina. Even if our only opponents being ourselves or the clock - we'll still find value in workouts that are productive and effective. Every effort should be 100 percent effort
. Today's workout gets my full energy and attention! 
October 6
I play my best because I love what I'm doing! - Wade Boggs
Even the pros play at their best when they enjoy what they are doing. When it's not fun anymore, it's time to quit. If we are not having fun, then we are going to give up. Remember that it isn't going to be fun every single minute. Workouts should be hard and challenging which is actually part of the fun. Think of how great it is to master a skill or achieve a goal that we've been working on for weeks. It's fun because it brings a smile to our face along with a well-deserved sense of accomplishment. No matter what our attitude, workouts and fun don't always seem to go together. Sometimes we turn our workouts into an inflexible, demanding regimen that doesn't allow us to enjoy ourselves. We may just need to smile, relax and keep on working. Today I will remember to have fun even when I am "working" out!

October 5
There's always someone you can beat and someone who can beat you!
- Harvey Penick
It doesn't matter how well you play, there will be someone who can beat you and it doesn't matter how bad you play, there will someone you can beat. Have you ever felt unbeatable, the best, at the top of your sport, only to be unexpectedly felled by a hungry competitor or even a challenging workout? Maybe you let your workouts slip a little or maybe you were distracted and not fully participating. There's nothing like an unexpected defeat to shake you up and get you back on track. Same can be said for a hard-earned victory. Sometimes it feels as if all the practice will never pay off until we finally have a big win. It gives us a big lift. We have made progress. We are improving.
I'm not the best and I'm not the worst but I'm a good athlete who will continue to improve with hard work! 
October 4
Great things happen when one is not calculating and thinking!
- D. T. Suzuki Zen Master
Peak athletic performance usually occurs when the mind is clear and still - a clean slate, at once taking in everything and nothing. We're not using the brain to figure out a tough situation at the office, nor is it over-thinking a personal issue. We simply allow it to enjoy the freedom of few intellectual demands and we benefit from the extra physical boost we seem to get by doing so. Struggling with a difficult problem may hinder athletic performance by taking up a lot of our energy. That's not to say that exercise time is not beneficial for figuring things out, it's just that working out with a clear mind gives us the potential to perform at a higher level. Today I will allow myself to work out with a clear mind, not one clogged with problems to solve and issues to address! 
October 3
I've always got such high expectations for myself! - Mary Decker Slaney
The demands we put on ourselves can break us down mentally and physically. Even if we are mentally tough, we may put ourselves at physical risk if we push ourselves beyond our endurance. It is one thing to dig into our guts to pull out a last minute rush; it is quite another to force ourselves to play when we are injured or unwell. Expectations can be tricky things. If we don't demand enough of ourselves, we will not perform well. If we demand too much of ourselves, we will not perform well either. Are the goals we set for ourselves realistic or are they clearly beyond our reach? Are we trying to attain a goal that realistically needs more time to complete? While it's important to reach for higher goals, you will never reach them if you try to do too much too fast. I will develop realistic expectations for myself so that I can develop my abilities!

October 2
Winning isn't everything, but wanting to win is!
- Vince Lombardi
GWe can't win every single time. No one ever has, no one ever will. We can, however, always want to win. Part of wanting to win is deciding just what a victory is. Often we can be our own best competitors. Victories can come in all different forms. We can win by beating our best time in a competition, increasing our distance or reps while training, or just making it through a tough workout. Wanting to win can get us over the hump to success on our own terms. There will be times when we wanted to win but didn't however we may have scored a victory on another level.
 I will always want to win but will recognize that the final results do not always tell the whole story! 

October 1
Exercise is an unbeatable tension reliever ... but it doesn't work unless you do! - Doc Rivers
There is nothing better for the heart, lungs and muscles than exercise. Hard work will get us a measurable return on our investment of our time and energy. We may have days when we think, "why am I doing this?" It's a valid question to ask ourselves. The answer can help us determine just how much work we need to do. Then we can adjust our workouts to meet our goals. When we raise our aspirations, we will need to increase the intensity and duration of our workouts. Hard work gets me where I want to go, but I have to match my workouts to my goals!  

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