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August 11 
Success is a matter of confidence. What I had on my side was patience!
- Hank Aaron
Patience. Patience. Patience. Not being patient will inevitably lead to frustration. If we cut ourselves some slack we will feel the benefits both mentally and physically and see the change in our fitness program. It takes time to develop our athletic abilities. If we are impatient with our progress we will push ourselves too hard and end up with an injury, or worse, so discouraged that we give up. We have to trust ourselves. If we approach our workouts with patience, we will find that we'll enjoy them a lot more and we won't get frustrated or discouraged.
I will look for and take advantage of my opportunities!  

August 10 
Fear can be conquered. I became a better person when I learned that lesson!
- Roger Craig
Perhaps the most relevant to athletes of all levels and sports is the fear of failure. Who among us hasn't choked because we were unable to execute? Or what about avoiding competing in a race because we were afraid we might not finish even though we train regularly? We intimidate, even paralyze, ourselves by the usually unfounded fears. Coping with fear and inadequacy and failure is never easy. Fear of not performing up to a certain level can be debilitating.
I need to look carefully and realistically at my goals so as to feel confident in my ability to work out and compete!  

August 9
Games lubricate the body and the mind!
- Benjamin Franklin 
No matter how frantic we may be at the office, no matter how stressed some relationships can be, no matter whether we're bogged down by paperwork, housework or schoolwork, we can always benefit from our sports. Without fail, these brief time-outs in our otherwise hectic schedules really deliver. Our hearts pump, we sweat, our endorphins kick into high gear and we seem to reach a state that is more relaxed, with a head that is less cluttered and muscles that ache with that "good kind of hurt" feeling. More than a drink or a smoke, exercise is the most consistent way to reach a natural high. With a clear head and relaxed body as a reward, I'm working out today!

August 8 
I look at victory as milestones on a very long highway! - Joan Benoit Samuelson
A victory can seem like an end, but it is also a beginning. When we have decided that we want to do something - run a marathon, lose weight - and we reach that goal, we have achieved a victory. But we are not done yet. It's important to celebrate our victories because they are symbols of the fruition of our efforts and determination. They represent goals that we have been striving towards. However, every victory should spawn another goal. Exercise and working out are long term propositions. They do not stop just because we reach one milestone. Tomorrow we will be moving toward a new goal. I will look at every victory as inspiration to keep moving forward!

August 7 
It's not just being the fastest or strongest - it's who wants it the most!
- Buck Williams
We aren't all physically perfect for the sports that interest us the most. In fact, many times we take up sports feeling not quite suited for working out at all. So much success in sports is about desire and perseverance. It's a potent mixture of natural ability, hard work, desire - and at times, luck. Natural ability is, well, natural, God-given ability. Hard work is putting in long hours of practice. Desire, however, is immeasurable. It's heart. Natural ability and hard work will take you a long way towards your goal that's no secret. Those attributes plus desire will get you there.
Today I want more in my workout - and will reach a little farther to get it!

August 6
Tough situations can bring out our best!
- John McEnroe 
All of our mental and physical preparation is for these very moments. When faced with a difficult task, we may find ourselves questioning whether or not we can deal with it. A moment of doubt can spell defeat. Maintaining our confidence will be a challenge sometimes but we can do it. Having confidence in ourselves can help us handle the most challenging opponents or workouts successfully. Knowing that we are prepared and knowing what we can accomplish will support us know matter what we find ourselves up against. Every time we are successful we will reinforce our belief in our competence.
Confidence will see me through! 

August 5 
Everything is practice! - Pele
Practice, practice, practice. Repeating skills over and over again can be very boring. But everyone, from pros to amateurs, needs to spend time on skills and techniques. By repetition, our bodies will actually remember how to do them right without our minds having to tell us each and every time. The goal is to have our moves become automatic and effortless. Practice can seem overwhelming. There may be so many things we want to improve it's hard to know where to begin. We can't improve everything overnight. I will make a commitment to practice and build my skills!

August 4
Resolve never to quit, never to give up, no matter what the situation!
- Jack Nicklaus
As kids we all had dreams where we made the clutch play in a tight situation. However, the fact is that too many times in these situations, or ones just like them, we don't make the play we dreamed about because we had long since given up hope. But we should always consider ourselves still in a position to win, regardless of the situation. If we decide up front to make this our philosophy, then when faced with a tough situation, we would have no choice but to keep fighting to the bitter end. It's not easy however in the long run it's a far better feeling to have gone down fighting than to lose having thrown in the towel.
I will not give up - in my daily workout nor in competition, no matter how tempting!  

August 3
A lot of people have the ability, but they don't put forth the effort! - Joe Carter 
So much of success in sports at all levels can be attributed to attitude. The combination of skills, practice and desire is impressive in any forum. Hours of practice and incredible skills can only take us so far. And desire alone, unfortunately can only help us so much. But combine the physical aspects with this inner drive and you have the makings of real success. Most of us work out and compete because we want the exercise, the exhilaration and the camaraderie of sports. A positive outlook, the desire to be better and setting and meeting expectations is invaluable to our success. I have the desire to work out aggressively and improve at my sport!

August 2
When my workout starts, I am thinking of only of it and nothing else!
- Katarina Witt  Whether or not we compete in our sports, even if we just work out on a regular basis, we'll find ourselves working harder, more efficiently, and more effectively if we simply concentrate on the task at hand, ignoring the potential outcomes. It's when we get too caught up in the meaning of our workouts or competitions that we stumble. Once we step out there, we need to have a clear and focused mind so that we can ward off distractions and perform to our peaks. Distractions make us waste precious energy on worry, anxiety or even overconfidence. I will do my best to avoid distractions that can impede my best performance!  

August 1
The most prepared are the most dedicated! - Raymond Berry
There is more to commitment than just showing up. We can drag ourselves out of bed in the morning but we may just as well as slept in if we half-heartedly do our morning workout. Preparation is key to following through on our aspirations. We need to get ourselves mentally and physically prepared every time we exercise. We need to develop a routine that can help us progress and that tests our limits as we are doing it. We need to make a plan for what we are going to do every time we work out. Planning and thoughtful preparation are indicative of a solid, unshakable commitment. I am prepared to make a commitment! 
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