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April 22
We can't do everything all at once, in one day or even one week!
- Browning Nagle
We will discover that if we overcompensate we will not accomplish what we had hoped. Rushing ahead usually forces us to fall even farther behind. Impatience needs to be kept firmly in check. As eager as we are to do well, we have to pay attention to what we are doing. Any shortcut will hurt us in the long run. We need to have patience as exercise is a cumulative activity. We won't be able to accomplish all we want to achieve in one workout.
I will be patient with myself and my progress! 

April 21
The only way anyone can reach their potential is to be themselves!
- Nancy Reno
The more in control we are of any aspect of our lives, the happier and more successful we tend to be. Whether it's a job or a sport, if we are doing it our own way chances are it will be a good experience. We gain this personal control of the situation by being ourselves - acting the way we feel comfortable, talking our talk, walking our walk. We should be comfortable doing whatever it takes to motivate ourselves.
I can be who I want to be and do what I want to do!

April 20
I can be good, I can be better, I can be great!
- Deion Sanders
Never settle. If we reach one goal then we need to lift our heads up and see what our next goal will be. Don't be satisfied with achieving one goal: always ask; "What's next?" If we can get to one level, we can certainly get to the next. Plan for the next goal when we get close to achieving our first goal. That way, we keep moving ahead without losing momentum. It means that we know what our potential is and will not settle for anything less. I won't be satisfied until I have reached the top!

April 19
There is no doubt in my mind that there are many ways to be a winner! - Kyle Rote Jr.
There is really only one way to be a loser and that is to fail and not look beyond the failure. A loss isn't the end of the world. While it may feel like it, a loss is only bad if we accept it. If we are convinced we are easily defeated we will be. We won't be able to stand up to anyone or anything. A winner suffers defeat once in a while and learns from it. A loss isn't the end: it's a source of inspiration for a new beginning!

April 18
As long as I can concentrate and remain relatively calm, I can do well! - Al Oerter
While it may seem that remaining calm is not exactly the psych-up technique that would lead to a great workout or performance, oftentimes it is the perfect antidote to an overanxious unfocused mind. We've all been in situations where our brain becomes our worst enemy, days when we just can't seem to concentrate and execute the task at hand. Sometimes in order to psych up, we need to psych down. Today I will try and reach a state of total mind relaxation and concentration!

April 17
Tactics, fitness, ability, experience and adaptability are all part of what we do! - Fred Perry
Overall health and fitness come together like pieces of a puzzle. No matter what exercise we do we can adapt his advice to ourselves. It's combining the smaller parts of the big picture: Tactics - setting realistic goals, Fitness - the commitment to get in shape, Ability - to recognize what we have, Experience - to devote the time to improve and Adaptability - to adjust workouts accordingly. No one aspect is more important than any other. I will concentrate on putting all the pieces together!

April 16
If you can believe it, the mind can achieve it!
- Ronnie Lott
Whether a personal best in a 10K, more reps on the Cybex machine, nonstop to the top of that killer hill, ten more minutes on the Stair-Master ... at the next level, the fastest interval ... yet, a great run through the trails, more sit-ups, more push ups, more leg lifts, more crunches, a new distance, a new surface, completing that first (but not last) Marathon, 25K, 50K, 50M, 100K, 100M, Stage Race.
If I can believe it, I can achieve it! 

April 15
Enjoying success requires the ability to adapt!
- Nolan Ryan
Only by being open to change will you have a true opportunity to get the most from your talent. A workout program set in stone is an invitation to failure. While setting up goals and a schedule is a good idea, the ability to be flexible is an even better one. By modifying and enhancing the way we exercise, we can zero in on what works best for us. Add a little variety with a new challenge.
The more we change and vary our program, the stronger and more effective we'll be all around! 

April 14
A 100% concern with a sport to the exclusion of all else is tinged with obsession!
- Paul Gallico
Commitment to sport is good. Perseverance is also good. But obsession, the undying need to work out more and more, get better and better, is often dangerous and never worthwhile in the long run. To concentrate so intensely on a single goal or activity to the exclusion of all else is to become too one dimensional and risk potential burnout. It is also a recipe for illness and injury.
Keeping our goals in perspective while striving to reach them will make us a well-rounded person!

April 14
A 100% concern with a sport to the exclusion of all else is tinged with obsession!
- Paul Gallico
Commitment to sport is good. Perseverance is also good. But obsession, the undying need to work out more and more, get better and better, is often dangerous and never worthwhile in the long run. To concentrate so intensely on a single goal or activity to the exclusion of all else is to become too one dimensional and risk potential burnout. It is also a recipe for illness and injury.
Keeping our goals in perspective while striving to reach them will make us a well-rounded person!  

April 13
I'll never think there's anything I can't do!
- Earvin "Magic" Johnson
This can-do, do-whatever-it-takes attitude is the attitude of champions. If we approach our sports and fitness with a positive outlook we will be successful. This attitude should be with us every day so that we can take on workouts with the same level of focus and intensity. Confidence in ourselves is key in helping us to know that we can improve. A positive attitude can carry us through the learning process and help us to be our best.
I can do whatever I think I can do! 

April 12
If I can achieve a peaceful state of nothingness, I feel I can't lose!
- Jane Blalock
Everyone has their own way of preparing for an event. For some it's quiet meditation, for others it's cranking music, eating and drinking high-energy foods, conversation or warming up. It doesn't matter what helps us prepare to compete as long as it's effective and we're comfortable with the process.
I will find my own personal psych-up method so that I'll be best prepared for tough workouts and competition! 

April 11
Fitness and exercise are not about proving anything to anybody but ourselves!
- Mike Piazza
The beauty of participating in sports is that it is so personally satisfying. What we do, we do because we want to do it, not because we've been challenged, or put down, or feel the need to prove something to someone. For us to really benefit from our exercise program, we have to be doing it for the right reason and person - to prove something to ourselves.
No amount of working out to impress others is ever going to be as effective as working out to impress ourselves! 

April 10
To go beyond is as wrong as to fall short!
- Confucius
We all overdo once in a while. We eagerly go out and push ourselves too far and too hard and we suffer painful consequences. Overdoing it can lead to injuries and disappointment. When we push ourselves over our limit we can easily lose valuable momentum and time. What seemed like a big accomplishment quickly becomes a huge setback. Moderation is the best approach. It's much more important to keep on working out so we must pay close attention to our bodies when we exercise.
I will not overdo it!  

April 9
If you train hard, you'll be hard to beat!
- Hershel Walker
We've all heard the "hard work pays off" line. It's usually recited to us by a coach or instructor right when we're about to give up. Sometimes it seems that all of our hard work does not in fact pay off. What it does is make us sore, tired, and downright sick of working out. Sometimes the results are slower in coming. However, hard work does pay off. It may not be today or tomorrow but it will happen.
I need to remain confident and keep up my workout schedule!  

April 8
If you want to have success, you better be ready to adapt! - Scotty Bowman
Rigid plans are susceptible to breaking apart. The more inflexible we are, the more likely we are to run into disappointment. Adapting to a situation can mean the difference between success and failure. Being stubborn and sticking to a plan that isn't working is a recipe for failure. If we want to become better athletes, we need to adapt to new routines like cross- training - biking, swimming, aerobics or weightlifting. Flexibility keeps you fresh and competitive!

April 7
It's not easy to sustain a training schedule with all our daily responsibilities!
- PattiSue Plumer
As we become committed to a sport or fitness level, squeezing in a workout everyday is just not viable nor is it mandatory. We all have other interests and responsibilities in our lives - family, work, hobbies. By simply keeping up a regular and consistent workout schedule we can stay fit and even improve, yet also sustain a balanced, well-rounded life.
If I miss a day of working out, I will simply catch up tomorrow! 

April 6
Before I go out, I tell myself "you are having fun and set a good example"!
- Cory Snyder
When we take the streets or trails in our running shoes, when we hit the Stairmaster, Lifecycle or weights at the gym, we should do so with the goal of having fun. The more positive our approach to working out, the more pleasant the experience will be and the better our chances of performing well. Positive energy can do wonders.
Before and during my workout today, I'll remind myself to have fun!  

April 5
Just do what you do best! - Red Auerbach
It feels good to do something we're adept at. It's extremely satisfying to participate in a sport that we have a talent for. More importantly, we must enjoy it. What better way to keep up an active, consistent training program than to have it made up of things we like to do and are good at. All of a sudden, workouts don't seem so tedious, getting up early for a run doesn't seem so unpleasant or exhausting. You'll see greater results if you do something that's doable and enjoyable! 

April 4
You have no control over what the other person does, only over what you do!
- A.J. Kitt
Ultimately you are the only one who can get you to exercise. Trainers, coaches, workout buddies can all help, but you are the one who makes the difference. Because no one else can do it for you. You can't control how others perform, what level they are at and how long they've been at it. You have to remember that everyone has their own agenda.
When it comes down to it, you and only you have the ultimate responsibility for your performance! 

April 3
I've always made a total effort; I never quit trying!
- Arnold Palmer
No matter what the odds, there's always a chance that we can win. It may look bleak at times, but there's always a possibility that we can pull it out. However, if we don't make a total effort we will never know because if we give up we basically beat ourselves. If we don't put undue pressure on ourselves, we can relax, have fun and through perseverance and heart, achieve success.
I will keep on going knowing that I always have a chance!

April 2
Training can be a grind if you think about it too much!
- Maureen Connolly
It is very easy to become single minded about our workouts. Sometimes people become so obsessed that they ignore everything else in their lives. Obviously, this is not a healthy attitude. As important as it is to keep working, it is equally important to give ourselves a breather. If we take some time off to give ourselves a well- deserved rest, we will return feeling refreshed ... better and stronger than before.
I will give myself a break and take a rest! 

April 1
It ain't braggin' if you can do it! - Dizzy Dean
There's a fine line between self-confidence in our skills, pride in our performance and an over-the-line arrogance. While self-confidence is important for personal motivation, we must be careful to maintain a healthy ego. We should use our egos to bolster our self-esteem to give us confidence to improve our performance not to intimidate others, boast about our skills or offend others. A healthy ego can be a real asset, overconfidence a real detriment and turnoff to others. I will keep my ego strong but in check!

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