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November 17 
Fear is probably the thing that limits performance more than anything! - Mark Allen
The fear of not doing well, of what people say, fear of how others will judge us. You've got to acknowledge those fears, then release them. We all have periods of self-doubt and discouragement about ourselves, ranging from lack of confidence in our skills to discomfort with our fitness level or the shape our bodies are in. The problem is, these fears don't motivate us, they paralyze us, keeping us from attempting the challenge at hand. Only by recognizing and understanding these fears can we overcome their negative effects on our training or performance. Most of the time, we are our toughest critics. Once we recognize that, it becomes a lot easier to release our fears. Today I will acknowledge my fears and try to work through them!

November 16 
The game - it's a big wheel. Everybody will have opportunities! - Jose Santos 
No matter what the sport, whether we're at the top, in the middle or at the bottom, we've all experienced the same ups and downs.There are days when we are at our peaks, the sport seems endless and nothing seems to distract or hinder us. Then there are days when it feels as if we don't have an athletic bone in our bodies. The good news is, the bad spells never last. The bad news is, neither do the outrageously good streaks. Luckily though most of us find  some sort of happy medium. The important thing is to keep it all in perspective - maintain a positive attitude when  seem to be slumping and to stay in touch with reality when we're performing out of our minds. We all go through athletic peaks and valleys. I will learn to hang on no matter what and enjoy the ride!

November 15 
Establish an aggressive mental attitude, then turn your attention to correct technique! - Tony Gwynn 
Sometimes the best way to make progress in athletics is to put the technical aspects aside temporarily and concentrate on mental fitness. Often the one thing we need to lift us to the next level is not another lesson, a longer workout or a more challenging event but a little "attitude". And with that new outlook, we may suddenly find the rest of our skills coming into place. We've all been stalled at a certain plateau where, try as we might, we just can't take the next step. Ultimately, the specifics don't matter as much as the idea of taking a break on the physical and putting our heads to work. Attitude is a vital part of athletics - we can't progress on skills alone. Today's workout will concentrate on both aptitude and attitude!

November 14 
You're not a bad person just because you had a bad day!
- Dawn Coe-Jones 
You just need to keep plugging away and realize that there will be better days. You just have to keep it in perspective. It's not the end of the world if we have a bad day and we needn't feel like failures. Everyone is entitled to be  a little off every once in a while, and the less of a deal we make of it, the sooner we'll return to our true form. It's when we wallow in our mistakes that we are doing ourselves a great disservice. No one is perfect, and very few are even close, so we must be sure to keep our expectations in check and our participation in sports in perspective.
Sports should be only part of my well-balanced life! 

November 13 
Losing confidence is probably the worst thing that can happen to any athlete!
- Terry Bradshaw 
When we lose our confidence, we lose the foundation that supports all our endeavors. We can only get so far on pure abilities, because even if we have potential, we will not be able to fill that potential unless we firmly believe we can. It is faith and belief in ourselves that can carry us through the toughest workouts or the most grueling contests. When we lose our confidence, we constantly question and second-guess every move we make. To keep confidence as our constant companion, it must be nurtured and built up carefully over time. Taking on increasingly difficult challenges is the best way to get and keep our confidence up. Support from others is great but our belief in ourselves is the only thing that we can always rely on to carry us through!
Confidence is my constant companion while I work out!

November 12 
Competition is the spice of sports, but if you make spice the whole meal you'll be sick!
- George Leonard, author of The Ultimate Athlete 
Competition is a fun way to test ourselves. For many, competition is the culmination of all of their training, practice and workouts. But we can't compete all the time. When we compete we need to be at a high level of intensity. If we keep at that high level over a long period of time, we will burn out. If balance between competing and working out can be maintained, it will help us become stronger athletes. We can improve and learn competing with ourselves and adding a little competitive edge to our workouts may help us to perform better and we may even enjoy it more.
I will add a little spice of competition to my workouts! 

November 11
Don't try to perform beyond your abilities - but never perform below them!
- Frank Robinson
Do your best, but don't overdo it. We've all heard that advice. We're encouraged to perform to our potential - reaching as far as we can based on our skill level. We're told to set realistic goals and reach for them. "Go for it." We strive to play our best, run our fastest and perform at our peaks. We're careful to stretch to our limits but not overdo it for fear of injury or exhaustion. We should always go out with the intention of giving our best effort. A competitive even is more successful and a workout more fruitful when we have truly performed to the best of our abilities. We have set goals and aimed for them, and if we have fallen short, it's not for lack of trying. It simply means we must work that much harder the next time.
Every effort is my best effort! 

November 10 
Injured? Allow yourself time to heal and then recondition and rebuild!
- Tracy Austin
When we're injured our bodies are trying to tell us something and it's very important to pay attention.Sometimes an energetic workout or a new routine will make our muscles sore. This is just our bodies getting used to a new level of activity or adjusting to using different muscles. It's a sign that we're working hard. However, at other times it's a sign that we have overworked ourselves and that we need to take a break. Sometimes a rest of a day or two will do the trick. Seeking medical attention can help us find out if we have a serious injury and, more important, what we can do to recover. Athletes who play hurt aren't doing themselves any favours. Coming back too soon after an injury may seriously limit the amount of time we can stay back. We need to listen to our bodies - let them tell us how to work up gradually to what we were doing before we were hurt.
It can be frustrating, but if we take it slow and easy, we won't regret it "in the long run"! 

November 9 
Forget about style; worry about results!
- Bobby Orr 
Sometimes we get too hung up about how we look; our style, our technique, our efficiency. We're concerned about what people think, how they're evaluating us, what they're saying. Basically, we're wasting a lot of valuable energy on issues that really make very little difference as to how effective we actually are. While style and form are definitely relevant, especially when we're learning and trying to improve, it is far more important to look at our progress. If we are experiencing success in our sport as is, we should be less concerned with how we look and concentrate more on how well we are doing and how we can improve.
Today I'll think less about how I look in my workout and worry more about how well I do! 

November 8
Better to have tried and failed than never to have tried at all!
- Don Shula
We all have potential in whatever we attempt, and not to push ourselves as far as we possibly can is to waste the talents and opportunities we've been given. We should take full advantage of the chances we have to put forth our best effort. Every workout should bring out the best we can possibly be at the time - our best run, swim, bike or weight training session. Every competition should be the same, plus some. We're so fortunate to be able to do the things we can do that it's important to show our gratitude by doing our best each and every time out there.
I'm thankful for the talent I've been given - I'll use it to it's fullest every time I workout or compete!

November 7 
I know I'm never as good or bad as any single performance!
- Charles Barkley
If we quit the first time we lose, we will never know if we are capable of winning. If we quit the first time we win, we will never know if we are capable of learning more. One event doesn't determine who will win in the long run, and we can't learn everything there is to know about our abilities or our potential from one day's work. There will be those who praise us to the hilt and those who will never be happy with our performance. The danger lies in taking one of the other extreme to heart. Listen too intently to our detractors may lead to us losing faith in ourselves. If we believe all the praise and encouragement, we may be tempted to not work as hard. No matter what the outcome, today is the only day that counts.
I'll keep a level head when it comes to listening to my critics or my fans!

November 6 
It's unbelievable how much you don't know about something you've been doing your whole life!
- Mickey Mantle
Sometimes the best time to learn something new is after we've been at it for a while. There can be a lot of things we missed when we were learning the basics. We were probably so eager to get ahead and to be better that we may have skipped, or not completely understood, some valuable techniques, strategies or concepts. When we revisit some of the fundamentals, because we are now advanced and experienced, we can take away a lot more than we could when we were beginning. Our lessons can come from anywhere like a different training partner. We can change or add to our routine, read a book, rent a video, or simply watch others and learn. Teachers can come in all shapes and forms; it's just a matter of finding the one that works best for us.
There is always something to learn. I will try to learn one new thing today!

November 5 
I have always adhered to two principles - one's physical and one's mental!
- Rocky Marciano
 Principle #1: Train hard and get in the best possible condition. Well, maybe we took our workouts a little for granted, didn't take our practice sessions as seriously as we might have. 
Principle #2: Forget about your opponents until the word "Go". Maybe we were either overconfident or psyched out by our upcoming competition; either under-practicing or getting so mentally worked up as to virtually paralyze ourselves.  No one is immune to losing, but preparation and proper focus will put the odds more in our favour.
My body should be prepared and my mind should be focused to achieve my best performance!

November 4  
It's great to win but it's also great fun, whatever the outcome!
- Jack Nicklaus 
There is nothing quite like performing at our maximum. We will most often be at our best when we are working to beat stiff competition. Playing against lesser competition can lead to victory but it's a little hollow if we haven't had to fight for it. It's easy to get completely lost in a hard-fought competition. Time goes by so quickly that it may seem to end in the blink of an eye. The game seems to take on a time and personality of it's own. In fact, when we are all challenging each other, competing with intensity and learning from each other, we are all winning because we all benefit. I will look to compete where I'm challenged because the fun lies in the challenge not just in the winning! 

November 3
If I'm not out there training, someone else is!
- Lynn Jennings
The fact is it's really up to you to motivate and train yourself. You alone are the one who can make the decision to follow through or suffer the consequences on game day. It's not easy to force yourself to work out or practice when you don't feel like it - like after a long day at the office or when the thermometer is barely above freezing, but ultimately you're the only coach you have, and in order to succeed, the discipline, dedication and motivation have to come from with in.
If I want to compete in my sport, I need to be practiced and prepared - since chances are my opponents will be! 

November 2
No matter how good you are, there's a lot of luck involved!
- Reggie Miller
Sometimes it seems as though things are really going our way. On the other hand, there are days when we feel we probably shouldn't have gotten out of bed, let alone attempt to work out. Regardless of our skill level and experience, on some days luck is with us , on some days it's not. Even top professional athletes go through spells of bad luck as well as periods of extreme good fortune. We all face these same challenges and get these same opportunities. We need to acknowledge that we cannot control the luck factor in both working out and competing but we can enjoy the good fortune when it's around.
There are certain things I can't control and if today's not my lucky day, maybe tomorrow will be!

November 1
Keep your mouth shut and let your ability do the talking! - Rod Laver 
The best way to prove our skills to ourselves or anyone else is not by "saying" but by "doing". We'll receive a lot more respect from our colleagues by quietly and modestly performing at our best. A win or a personal best time go a long way toward establishing our competence in our own minds as well as in those of our competitors. We've all been annoyed by those who constantly talk  a good game but regularly fail to deliver. They trash-talk, they chatter, they embellish details of previous workouts and competitions. We find it distracting and irritating when they can't seem to "put their money where their mouths are". A poised, self-confident and modest athlete is usually a more successful one. I'm confident in my athletic ability and will let it prove itself! 

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